Client Testimonials / Kundenaussagen

“Niels responded very quickly to my order for a German translation. He produced quality bilingual documentation at a level comparable to his high level of qualifications and experience. Would not hesitate in using his language services again. Also, his ATA certification provided another assurance of high quality that I forwarded to my client. Niels, thank you, and my client thanks you as well.”  Tim Parsons

“I engaged Niels to provide me with a translation of a German theology text. Niels finished the project quickly and efficiently, and took great care to keep me up to date as he went through the process. The results were extraordinary. The text is a somewhat difficult and dense work of theology, yet Niels proved beyond any doubt that he is a master of his craft, providing me with a finished product that exceeded my expectations. The author's voice was completely preserved in Niels' version and Niels' word choice was impeccable. I was touched not only by Niels' skill in translating this work so sublimely, but the professionalism with which he approached the project. I highly recommend Niels as a German translator and will surely engage him again in the future.”   Michael LeBaron